Steam & Electricity Generation

LongBurn replaces firewood for industrial applications, including generation steam and/or electricity. In most cases, LongBurn can be adopted immediately with no modifications to an existing firewood boiler. It is over twice as efficient as firewood, so most factories only need to

Cooking & Boiling

With up to 50% in cost savings, LongBurn offers a healthy and clean cooking solution for institutions such as schools, hotels, hospitals and bakeries. It is nearly smokeless, which reduces health risks for the cooks and students, patients, or customers.

Hot Water Heating

LongBurn works well in firewood or biomass hot water heaters. We supply hotels and schools with LongBurn to use for their shower and bathing systems. LongBurn burns for twice as long as firewood for similarly size pieces, so it is

LongBurn is constantly available throughout the year

Every ton of LongBurn used saves about 25 trees, helping significantly curb the deforestation of Kenya.

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Who Is LongBurn For? Factories, Schools & Institutions, Hotels, Bakeries all Use LongBurn for Their Energy Needs


USAGE: Institutions, factories and cottage industries that are currently using firewood for their energy needs are our primary market. In total, these businesses consume about 4 million tons of firewood per year, OUR PRODUCT – LONGBURN: Our flagship product, LongBurn,

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What our Clients say

We have found LongBurn to be long lasting and efficient. It burns at higher temperatures than firewood, so it boils water quicker. GreenChar is a pleasure to work with. They delivered in advance of the deadline we required. We are proud to be supporting an economical solution to deforestation.

Emma Turner Mary's Meals

Since the LongBurn is more efficient than firewood, it is actually cheaper than purchasing firewood, even if the price looks higher per kilogram. GreenChar delivered in a timely manner. They were also kind enough to a conduct a free training.

Puis Babu Star Sheikh

Our Impact

GreenChar was founded by a team of young who experienced firsthand the devastating effects of wood-fuels on the environment and one’s personal health. Since then, GreenChar has made significant growths within a short period of time, selling over 250,000 kg of briquettes, offsetting over half a million tonnes of carbon emissions and impacting over 100,000 lives.